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"During the age of the Black Magic, stories were told that a space crystal is the key to unlock a
portal between two worlds. Whoever acquires the key can unlock the portal at a lost temple
called The Pantheon..."


Pantheon was our Director and Creative Leader, Han Yang's, second short film. After the success and feedback of his first film, LanderPantheon was a new exploration into different genres and an overall upgrade to the workflow and visual fidelity of Lander. Being able to fully utilize motion capture really brought the characters to life and allowed for the design and choreography of complex action and fighting sequences. The improved music and sound design also helped to immerse the audience into the film’s magic world.

Produced before Metahuman and many of Epic's more recent improvements to Unreal's fidelity, 90% of the shots were still rendered in UE4, with VRay used for some of the close up shots. The fact we have managed to go 100% UE since is a testament to both how far Unreal has improved and our team's continued commitment to pushing high fidelity real-time cinematic workflows forward