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Hello World is EP2 of Shape Shifters original IP and Unreal Engine animation series of short stories, and showcases our development of photorealistic digital humans in UE with the Metahuman Creator. On top of pushing the boundaries of realism and fidelity for real-time digital humans, we also sought to improve our storytelling with more complex facial animation and interesting character and environment design inspired by publicly available assets. Staged and rendered completely in UE4, the character's face was created with Metahuman and all of the complex facial animation was done completely in Unreal either through streaming IPhone data, or keyframing within the engine. 


Like all the content created by Shape Shifters, Hello World was 100% rendered in Unreal Engine

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Feb 2022


Han Yang - Director + Creator

David Jiang - Character Lead

Eugene Flormata - UE Consultation

Andrea Bellucci - Music Composition

Chengshuo Hou - Sound Design + Mixing